Heat exchanger, condenser, Orion #1

For the latest in a series of experimental retort versions, the mk6 gets a revised heat exchanger.
It features water cooling and has solid stainless steel construction. Dimensions are 100mm  x 1.3m long. It has 9 internal tubes which will allow rodding out should cleaning become necessary. A RJT coupling will be fitted on the downstream end. More to follow as progress continues...

 Completed heat exchanger will use water as the cooling medium.
Mac union fitting

RJT allows disassembly

25Sept2013 The stainless condenser was completed and installation is in progress. Jamie did a beautiful job of the TIG welding. The unit is designed using the principles of counter-current.
The plan is to control the water flow as a means to regulate the diesel reservoir temperature. This process will be automated at a later stage.

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