Friday, June 7, 2013

Shed construction for the new mk6 turk-retort

I cleared an area of flax for sheltering the new retort. The roofing is 6m span and made from a recycled carport.
I have mains power just 3m away with 2 water pumps, 1000L tank plus a high powered ground water bore/pump used for irrigation. So just thinking safety here and planning to control any fire/emergency.
The structures' steel work will form the frame for mounting the various parts.

"Work in Progress"...

I got the 3mm turk outer skin fully welded with the inlet and exhaust oriented at 180degrees. A chain block is mounted above to lift it. Next comes the insulation and outer cladding....

The retort is lowered into the lower section of cladding. It was leveled and centered. The gap of about 125mm is for the vermiculite insulation.

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