Thursday, August 8, 2013

Steady progress!

Progress as of 8Aug2013. To the left is the retort which black reflux tower on top.
Red vessel is bubbler with yellow draw-back arrestor above. Drum to the right is the diesel condenser vessel. Check back soon for commissioning and testing results.

Some of the 200L drums of oil waiting to be refined into diesel:
23Aug2013 I've made a list of things to complete before I can test. I focus on the job much better when there is a list. There are 46 items. Today I finished 8 of those tasks. I'm getting excited! My goal to test before month end appears achievable.
25Aug2013 The list has 12 items completed now but it grew to 50 overall. Of course some of the things are partly completed even now. Naturally, I did the easy things first LOL.
A week to go till deadline. I can see an over-run looming. I have extra work landed on my plate plus Thursday brings an out-of-town pick up to do.
7Sept2013 Hopefully testing can begin by next weekend. There are some jobs to do, namely the heat exchanger and the bubbler sight glass.
15Sept2013. Am just waiting on heat exchanger welding, plumbing parts and then the final assembly.

See the blog pages for in depth look at the parts. Updated!

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