Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another run making diesel

Make was 185 liters diesel and 5 liters petrol.Pic shows reflux and retort temperatures using 12v LCD display from thermocouple signal

The condenser array temperature readings using 12v powered gauges which are probably PT100.
They read to 150*C max. I aim to have the diesel reading higher than the shown reading to drive of volatile fractions down to the petrol condenser. Because I don't require petrol the shown temperature of little more than ambient may have helped power the turk burner with gases.
The turk was able to be powered mainly by gases once it was up to temperature. Continuous run in excess of 2 hours gas was nice.
Full speed for the diesel flow was recorded at 1 liter per minute but that rate couldn't be maintained as any incoming feedstock cooled the retort.
Full story shortly as I find time...

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